M S O System

Empowered Agents = Exceptional Support

You'll provide exceptional service and support when every team member uses M S O System for rapid customer insight and real-time collaboration. Our contextual intelligence makes it faster and easier to understand and meet customer needs, whether from a help desk, a call center, or a social media community.


360-Degree Customer Activity History

Deliver real insight. Know your customers inside and out with M S O System's 360-degree view of customer activity history. Get the most relevant, up to date customer insight across your business in a single view. Spend more time addressing your customer's requests and less time searching for basic information and entering data updates.

Social Service

Deliver proactive service. Know what your customers are saying about you across social media channels and take action. Stay current with up to the minute information about key topics across your customer base and route issues into a single agent queue. Leverage your customers’ social voice to build real customer insight across your organization. M S O System is fully Social CRM ready.

Expert Collaboration

Deliver expert service backed by the power of the collective enterprise. Connect to and collaborate with experts in real time across the extended support and technical organization. Get rapid answers, share documents and videos, and collaborate on best practices across the globe in real time.

Inbound Routing and Workflow Management

Deliver on time service. Respond faster by routing calls and emails to the right service representative. Address issues proactively and eliminate escalations by monitoring and prioritizing customer activity across channels. Enhance customer satisfaction by turning every channel into a rapid response support channel.

Case and Defect Management

Deliver on your promises by logging and monitoring your customer cases centrally, allowing for a detailed history of customer requests and alerts as part of every account. Close the loop between engineering and support with integrated bug and case tools. Track the effectiveness of your case and issue handling including response time to ensure customer satisfaction.