Server Management Services

Server Management Services is an outsourcing solution that manages the daily operations of servers, keeps businesses current with technology and best practices, and reduces costs. This set of services standardizes server operations, provides the staff and expertise to help your servers run efficiently, and saves your business money.

Our global reach allows you to take advantage of the thousands of skilled IT professionals in all corners of the world. Standardizing servers and processes translates into lower costs through economies of scale. Simplifying and virtualizing server environments can:


Enable business growth.
Help your business operate more sustainably.
Improve your bottom line.

Simplify for better financial control

You will get a base configuration with the option to optimize the services to meet your specific business needs. You can have the flexibility to upgrade or update as your requirements change, and add on complementary services to fit your business. You'll be in control, yet we'll be accountable for your server environment.

The less time your IT department spends in the day-to-day management tasks, the more they can work on strategic initiatives and contribute to growing your business. We also have the expertise to help you with virtualization, which saves space, time, and ultimately money. You can have improved server uptime, reliability, and enhanced security. And, you'll have greater financial flexibility through more predictable operating expenses.

Server infrastructure is the centerpiece of any technology planning. In fact, business and technology heads view servers as foundations on which every business need can be served and met. More so because servers enable process integration and facilitate collaboration among internal and external stakeholders. However, owing to the evolutionary nature of business and technology, deriving a compelling ROI from server investments while still continuing to deliver operational excellence is a challenge for many CXOs.

Server Management Services from Radiss enables enterprises to flexibly outsource their server infrastructure in line with their business goals and budgets. The service ensures enterprises to optimize their server utilization, maximize on business performance and mitigate risk due to outage and downtime. Our enterprise-class server infrastructure means businesses of any size and industry can readily leverage without committing upfront investments.

Our teams work closely with customers to effectively manage, deploy, monitor and control service delivery across their stakeholder ecosystems. Furthermore, being a managed service, enterprises can derive superior returns even in times of economic disruption.

24X7 proactive monitoring
Our dedicated teams ensure business uptime is maintained across all business ecosystems and geographies. Service features level 1 and level 2 support based on escalation and severity of incident.

Performance monitoring and measurement
Rationalize costs, utilization and returns in line with business goals and demands. Enterprises can benefit by way of redundant costs on infrastructure across the organization.

Backup management
Maximize on the explosive nature of enterprise data by ensuring reusability and archiving. Radiss’ services ensure periodical backups of business-critical data and also improves performance of storage systems and end-user productivity.

Migrations and Upgrade
Our services ensure the servers are equipped with best features and functionality so as to serve the evolving needs of an enterprise. By proactively creating roadmaps, our teams ensure the best of the latest.

Server consolidation and virtualization
Maximize your server investments by way partitioning, provisioning computing resources across the organization. Radiss’ services help enterprises with application provisioning across business ecosystems by creating multiple computing ecosystems.

Disaster Recovery
Business continuity is a reality when there is a robust disaster recovery in place. Our services ensure safe and failover environments are maintained 24X7.