Give Impression Of A Large Company With Multiple Departments

With Super Receptionist, the callers can be diverted to multiple departments. Even if the office is small - multiple departments can be created to give the impression of a bigger company. With the power of unlimited extension, each extension can be configured separately for call forwarding, voice mail and message delivery settings.
Flexibility With The Extensions
Edit, add, or remove extensions anytime online on a click at no cost. No hardware or software expenses of any kind is needed while modifying extensions
Project A Big Company Image
Whether your company has one or 1000 employees, a robust extension structure give your company a professional touch that enhances the conversion of business leads
Unite The Teams In The Company Irrespective Of The Physical Presence
Extension dialing lets both office-based and mobile employees communicate as if they're in the different locations, so your customers are always connected with the concerned departments of your company
Alternate Promotional Tools


You can use unused extensions as an additional in-house promotional tool. It helps to record promotional messages and all blocked calls or unanswered calls can be transferred to a voice mail extension, where callers can be informed of sales specialists or other current promotions.
Alternate Informational Resource
Extensions can also be used to provide answers to common questions or additional information about the company’s services and products. Pre-recorded messages can list valuable information which callers can easily access and listen to during off-hours and weekends-off.