Our IVR Services are designed to help you

Lower Your Cost Of Ownership

Technology advances perpetuate the demand for more frequent upgrades. However, many companies managing in-house IVR environments are unable to take advantage of the latest advances that would drive improved call automation and lower cost because of the costs of continually enhancing their technology base and the associated level of development expertise required to deliver full value to the enterprise


IVR hosting providers offer comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities encompassing key elements such as 24/7 network monitoring, data center infrastructure redundancy, full dual-site redundancy, peak-volume load capacity at each site, and responsive scalability to accommodate volume and traffic growth fluctuations.

Why M S O System for Hosted IVR?

M S O System is a Delhi/Ncr organization, with two year of experience in Interactive Voice Response development and hosting. We specialize in providing IVR services to organizations who choose to outsource their IVR to professionals. M S O System has established itself as the IVR provider of choice for a number of organizations, whenever there is a project or event which requires quick turnaround and rapid deployment by a team of IVR experts.

When faced with deploying a scalable and flexible Interactive Voice Response solution, many organizations choose to outsource this functionality due to the very specialized nature of the service and the large overhead cost associated with deploying and managing IVR services in-house.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables you to access customized solutions without capital expenditures and with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared with on-premise solutions. Our goal is to drive cost out of your business while enhancing the overall customer experience.

There are a number of reasons to outsource IVR functionality to a dedicated IVR provider:

  • Expert design team with two decades of experience;
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO);
  • Faster implementation;
  • More flexible than on-premise systems;
  • Scalable to handle peak IVR volumes.

  • IVR Key Benefits

    1.serve your customers 24×7: the IVR self-service is always available to your customers, any time, wherever they are

    2.increase customer satisfaction through a personal touch: by introducing personalization in the IVR you provide a better customer experience, build stronger customer relationships and increase loyalty

    3.exploit new sales and marketing channel: an efficient way to introduce new offers and products to your customers to

    4.reduce customer care costs: by automating typical customer care operations (inquiry about account balance, store opening hours, promotion updates, etc.) you can reduce the total customer service cost
    5.Handle over 6000 calls at a time
    6.Whole Call logs (Received and missed) will be updated in CRM panel.
    7.Call logs can be downloaded that makes a genuine data base of prospecting and potential customers for generating more leads with proper promotion.
    8.Receive incoming calls across India on any landline or mobile number Set business hours and days according to your need.
    9.Automatic failover numbers.
    10.Fully customizable single level IVR system (absolutely free)
    11.No initial hardware or maintenance charges
    12.We take care of each and every call 24×7 along with the unprecedented features like:
    13.Real time call logging.
    14.Professional IVR in your customized voice.
    15.Call forwarding, Missed Call Alerts, Subscription based services available as free add-ons.
    16.24x7 availability and unlimited* number of call handling per day.
    17.Phone Number of Choice and Toll Free Numbers
    19.Automated Voice Response System
    20.Local Numbers of Foreign Countries and International Toll Free Numbers
    21.Number Portability and Local Numbers
    22.Conferencing and On-Hold Music
    23.Voice Mail and Fax On E-mail
    24.Online Administration and Notifications
    25.Call Recording,Call Forwarding and Call-transfer
    26.Call Logs and Multiple Extensions