M S O System

M S O System is your virtual receptionist hosted securely in cloud telephony environment. M S O System service enables you with a business phone number that connects you with your customers 24 x 7. Greet your callers with a personalised welcome message customised specially for your business, manage call extensions, leave a voicemail, manage call logs and recording in real-time. M S O System turns your phone into a powerful assistant that will never lose a business lead again.


What is CRM?

Do you have customers? Do you want to provide the best possible experience to each and every customer, every time they engage with your organization? Do you want to give every customer-facing individual in your organization the right tools to provide that high value experience? Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you to do just that. And only M S O System offers the tools you need today to know each customer inside and out, and empower every individual in your business to deliver consistent, top-notch customer experiences – all at the best value for your CRM investment.

Run M S O System Anywhere.

Not all web-based CRM solutions are created equal. While many seem to offer the same benefits, many online CRM offerings are not truly cloud-based, and are thus fraught with limitations. Only M S O System offers users choice in their deployment, as well as unprecedented control over their CRM operations. Run Sugar on-site, on-demand or in any cloud environment – it’s your choice. Also, the open nature of Sugar lets you customize and integrate with nearly any application, system or data source on your terms. As your business expands, you can change your hosted CRM deployment to meet your business requirements, your geographic presence, and your budget. And since M S O System always gives you control over your data.

Editions and Pricing.

M S O System offers various CRM editions and pricing to fit the business needs, and budget, of any organization. M S O System’s unparalleled value includes not only industry-leading CRM software, but also a peerless level of customer support – all at the most attractive total cost of ownership. M S O System provides one complete CRM system for one price, focused on customer-facing professionals. No other CRM vendor provides a completely integrated, enterprise-class customer tracking, email marketing, lead management, opportunity management and support management system at the one, simple price point that M S O System does. Simply put, your customer-facing professionals get more for your money.

Our IVR Services are designed to help you

Lower Your Cost Of Ownership

Technology advances perpetuate the demand for more frequent upgrades. However, many companies managing in-house IVR environments are unable to take advantage of the latest advances that would drive improved call automation and lower cost because of the costs of continually enhancing their technology base and the associated level of development expertise required to deliver full value to the enterprise.

IVR hosting providers offer comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities encompassing key elements such as 24/7 network monitoring, data center infrastructure redundancy, full dual-site redundancy, peak-volume load capacity at each site, and responsive scalability to accommodate volume and traffic growth fluctuations.

Many in-house operations miss out on emerging technology advantages because they lack the critical resources to make changes quickly and accurately. By contrast, hosting providers are more readily able to provide continuous tuning for optimal results, assess current applications and design-improved solutions.

Toll-Free Service: Simplify Customer Communications with 1800 Numbers

When your goal is to get customers to call your business, it's important to make contact as easy for them as possible. Toll-free services help extend your business's reach and enhance customer service for your existing user base by encouraging customers to call using an 1800 number.

There's no limit to the reasons why a business wants customers to call, but a few include:

1.Purchasing a product
2.Contacting customer service
3.Checking a bank balance
4.Refilling a prescription
5.Reporting a service disruption
6.Changing an insurance policy
7. Voting for a reality show contestant

By offering a toll-free number, you're letting customers know that they are important to your business no matter what reason they have for calling.

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP, doesn’t live up to its acronym. Forget about planning—it doesn’t do much of that—and forget about resource, a throwaway term. But remember the enterprise part. This is ERP’s true ambition. It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments’ particular needs.

That is a tall order, building a single software program that serves the needs of people in finance as well as it does the people in human resources and in the warehouse. Each of those departments typically has its own computer system optimized for the particular ways that the department does its work.

How can ERP improve a company’s business performance?

ERP’s best hope for demonstrating value is as a sort of battering ram for improving the way your company takes a customer order and processes it into an invoice and revenue—otherwise known as the order fulfillment process. That is why ERP is often referred to as back-office software. It doesn’t handle the up-front selling process (although most ERP vendors have developed CRM software or acquired pure-play CRM providers that can do this); rather, ERP takes a customer order and provides a software road map for automating the different steps along the path to fulfilling it. When a customer service representative enters a customer order into an ERP system, he has all the information necessary to complete the order (the customer’s credit rating and order history from the finance module, the company’s inventory levels from the warehouse module and the shipping dock’s trucking schedule from the logistics module, for example).

Server Management,Web Desinging & Web Hosting Services

Server Management Services is an outsourcing solution that manages the daily operations of servers, keeps businesses current with technology and best practices, and reduces costs. This set of services standardizes server operations, provides the staff and expertise to help your servers run efficiently, and saves your business money.

Our global reach allows you to take advantage of the thousands of skilled IT professionals in all corners of the world. Standardizing servers and processes translates into lower costs through economies of scale. Simplifying and virtualizing server environments can:

1.Enable business growth.
2.Help your business operate more sustainably.
3.Improve your bottom line.

USSD(missed call) Application Development Services

USSD allows you to dial into text based menu services through your network with a GSM phone. In Marketing the best use of this is to send and receive information for competition entry and airtime allocation and this can be done on practically any cell phone.

What is USSD?

USSD is as old as mobile phones themselves, but this service is far from out of date and could give you an exciting, fast and cost effective method of communicating to mobile handsets without the use of SMS and with full two-way capability, with near global coverage