Call Forwarding

Stay connected with customers using advance call forwarding among offices, departments & agents.

M S O System intelligently manages all incoming calls on your business telephone number. Calls can be forwarded seamlessly between offices, departments, agents based on various input parameter like call origin, menu option selected, after office hours support etc. Also all the configuration can be easily managed from easy to use web interface. Worldwide call forwarding from M S O System keeps you connected so you have the freedom to work from anywhere. M S O System offers three types of call forwarding:

Call comes to A, If not answered goes to B and then to C.
Its an ideal solution when we want A to answer all calls and B and C are escalations / backup

Round Robin
First call comes to A, if not answered goes to B and then to C. The second call goes to B,C,A and the third call goes to C,A,B. This ensures that all agents are getting an equal opportunity to answer the call.
Round Robin is used when all three persons A,B,C are doing the same job (like customer care) and calls need to be distributed equally among all three people.

Call comes to A,B,C at the same time. Whoever picks up first gets the call. Faster finger first! Parallel Call forwarding is used when all three persons A,B,C need to be given incentive for picking up the call quickly (typically used in a sales environment).